Visiting L 49 28

This visit already happened in 2016 but I put it in my list as it was special enough that it “counts”.

Just a pause

In the middle of French Nowhere (also known as Payrac) my kids and I paused on our way from Southern France to Paris. I picked the location because it was perfectly located next to our route. I didn’t spent any time on figuring out what we could do there. The idea was simply to have some rest between the sightseeing we had done and Paris that was still planned.

The camping area was perfect. It was already off season and rather empty. The pine trees with their typical sense provided us shade during the day.

Trailer under trees
The perfect spot

Happy children because of the pool with the slides.

End of a slide with water splashing
Endless splashes

Happy mum because she could take a long walk.

Shade of me on the ground of a path.
A walk in the evening
Old church tower in the sunset against blue sky with birds flying all around it.
Martin birds all around the church tower

Ok, what else?

And sometimes – when you don’t plan for anything – you discover something very beautiful. And here it was not a singular something but plural somethings when I started looking around what could be discovered (links will follow):

  • The ancient village of Rocamadour
  • The wonderful paintings and the flowstone caves of the Grottes de Cougnac
  • The wonderful paintings and the museum of Pech Merle plus the ancient village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie

We ended up extending our stay. And it was worth every single hour. No plan would have been better than that. Just sometimes a quote from a rather unorganized friend is true: “The best plan is to have no plan.”

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