Every square has its specialty, something that I discovered there for the first time or nowhere else. But still there are some squares that left a deeper impression than the others. This is my current top 10 list of the squares that I have visited.

#10: Being a child again – Disneyland
Sorry, I just love such kind of amusement parks.

#9: Playing with perspectives -Waldwipfelweg
It is incredible how easy it is to fool our eyes.

#8: Welcome to the outdoor museum – Carcassonne
It is very simple to imagine how medieval towns looked like when you visit this town… at least in the morning. It is also quite impressive how it became a crowded hot spot.

#7: Thoughts in Dublin
Dublin is a vibrant, friendly city that I could imagine to life in for some time.

#6: Saint Victor
It became my second home for a long time. It encompasses everything I associate with southern France.

#5: Of ice and salt – Werfen and Hallein
Nature is just incredible. Here in both cases remarkable things happen underground.

#4: Norkitten
I was deeply touched by the place where by great-grandmother had spent here life in forced labor.

#3: Ancient Paintings Pech Merle
There are some famous caves where you can see the paintings as reconstructions but here you could see them as originals. And that was a totally different feeling – to stand at the spot where somebody thousands of years ago put a painting on the wall.

#2: Where it all started – Sant Pere Pescador
It was the perfect spot to start my new travel adventures that include now trailer and camper van. Additionally I have never seen such a spectacular lightshow from a thunderstorm anywhere else.

#1: A location captures my heart – Lacanau-Océan
This location was the inspiration for the blog. This endless beach, the beautiful sunsets, all I have discovered there – this makes it a special place.

What about your favorite places? What makes them special for you? Do you have a top 10 list of places you still want to visit?