Visiting L 67 22

This visit already happened in 2016 but I put it in my list as it was special enough that it “counts”.

Go with the flow

Sometimes we should stop being so grown-up and see the world a little more through our children’s eyes. The visit to Disneyland can of course be considered something very commercial. But you can also try to look at it as if you would be seing all the miracles and the rides for the first time. And then it is so much fun.

If we experienced life through the eyes of a child, everything would be magical and extraordinary. Let our curiosity, adventure and wonder of life never end. Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik
“It’s a Small World” (and if you have been there already – here is your catchy tune 😉 )
The (tiny) village of “Beauty and the Biest”
Picture of me and Iaah
Yes, I admin I like pics with Disney figures
View onto the exterior of the roller coaster
Roller coaster “Space Mountain: Mission 2”
Colorful illumination of the castle
The castle at night

Did you know that the castle deliberately faces south so that one can take pictures without worrying about the position of the sun?

Of course the lines are long once in a while. So you have to keep yourself busy while waiting.

There were Pokémons at Disneyland as well – that made it a lot easier sometimes

It is a big advantage if you are staying close to the park and don’t have a long distance to drive home. You can stay until the park closes and you have all the chances for very short lines and no traffic jam while leaving.

Yep – no other cars

Sorry – we’re closed

What wasn’t that much fun was that a lot of the facilities were closed when we were there. I understand that they wanted to prepare for their big anniversary in 2017. What I don’t appreciate is that they didn’t put that on their webpage more prominently plus that they still took the same entrance fee. Not awesome!

Sign that this facility is closed
First example: closed Tree House
Sign that this facility is closed
Second example: closed Pirate Island
Sign that this facility is closed
Third example: closed Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster

Frozen – you couldn’t miss it

I have two boys so I was easily able to miss out on the movie “Frozen”. Well, no chance if you are in Disneyland. No. Chance. Not. At. All. It was simply everywhere.

Figures on a parade car
Part of the parades
Just somewhere in between
Separate show

But if you think I will be ranting now about it, no, I won’t. I loved the main song that was playing at almost every corner! I was humming it all along through the three days and we even downloaded it to hear it while driving. You need to be reminded? Here is a version in 25 different languages on Youtube. I still think it is one of the most powerful songs Disney every made for one of their movies.

If you like something – like it. No matter what others might think.

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