Visiting R 67 9

Sometimes you need to change your perspective to get new insights. And when you see a house like this one below you can be pretty sure that this place guarantees some new perspectives.

House turned upside down
The entrance of the “Waldwipfelweg”

Face to face with trees

“Waldwipfelweg” literally translated means “Forest treetop path” and points to one of the main attractions of this area. You can comfortably walk higher and higher until you are face to face with the high trees.

View while being on the path
View from the ground

You will be able to take a detailed look at how for example a spruce looks like at its top when it is already 32m high and started growing more than a 100 years ago. 100 years and it is still there.

Sign saying 32m height, planted in 1917

Trusting your perception – or not

Perception can be a tricky thing. We think we know what we see so we see it. Did you know that your brain is making up part of the image that you think you see but you cannot see due to missing photoreceptor cells? It is called the physiological blind spot (check out the link for a little test).

Light is not white but a combination of different wave lengths which make up different colors.

Shadow through a prism showing different colors
I feel very colorful today

I can shrink myself. (Yes, I do like keep some privacy of my kids, so faces are at least a little blurred.)

Or I can shrink my son.

We can make balls roll up instead of down.

Big brothers can be little.

And little brothers even smaller.

Optical illusions are real fun.

Our eyes can be tricked. Always. They see what they expect to see. And from there we draw conclusions. This is how we are wired. Obviously we come from an environment where thinking about whether or not a saber-toothed tiger is really a saber-toothed tiger or just a zebra with a different look wasn’t life supporting. But sometimes we draw conclusions from what we see too fast. If you want to see an astonishing example, watch the Youtube video about Repicturing Homeless and the power of images.

Upside down is the new normal

I know people can do big things. E.g. fly to the moon, extirpate smallpox, build a supercomputer, destroy our planet, and do a handstand without support. Honestly, I have no clue how somebody can do that. However, just for a moment it looks like I can. Must be the place that gives special strength.

Now with just one hand.

Actually this is a piece of cake. Do this one here. And don’t forget to smile.

Damn it. At the end I got caught and my secret is no longer a secret. I have spider DNA. Plus a special shampoo that absorbs the gravity of my hair.

You can see the love for details everywhere in that house. It is decorated perfectly, just upside down. Would we be more aware of the details if we sometimes would just do a handstand to look at them?

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