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Time for another hike. The Hochsalm (1405m) is one of the most northeastern peaks in the Salzkammergut. However, from a hike perspective it is nothing spectacular. Nevertheless, it offered a different approach that could be used as an inspiration.

Burg Scharnstein

It all starts with a ruin, this time it is Burg Scharnstein. In 1538 the castle burned down completely “because of carelessness” and has been in ruins ever since. The most surprising thing about this ruin is that it is still there. Usually stones of ruins that are that old get reused in other places.

View into the ruings, stone walls with a lot of greenary

From here the trail to reach Hochsalm starts just as any normal trail. A path, a forest, some water.

Longterm exposure of a small stream of water between rocks

Unusual instructions

The first hint that this is not one of the very normal hiking paths was a kind of supported crossing of a small creek that I have never seen before. Funny.

Small stream with 3 bigger rocks and a rope across the water next to the rocks, the stones have some red dots

The red dots help to understand where you should put your feet. Very supportive 😉. At least they don’t tell you what to do.

Ok, this was what I thought. But next came another small stream, again some red dots, and a sign with the colors of the Austrian flag telling you to “jump across” written in Austrian dialect. This is cute.

Very small stream, a red dot on each side of the water, a red and white sign with the text "umihupfen" (jump across).

Motivational support

First I thought this was just a funny exception. But soon there was another sign indicating (again in Austrian wording) that only around 500 m altitude difference remain (~1650 feet).

Signpost with the text "Nur mehr knapp 500 Höhenmeter"

Why would they give this information? Because the path was very steep and not soooo inviting.

Steep path between trees, roots are almost the steps of the path

After finishing this part of the trail the next sign informs you that soon you will have half of the time. Sorry, it is difficult to translate it in a way that keeps the original impression.

Sign with text "Glei is soweit, dann ahst die halbe Zeit"

A rather “normal” signpost reveals that I have reached the “last third” of the hike.

Sign with text "Letztes Drittel"

Thanks for telling me. Because again a steep path with even more roots. This motivational support was right on time.

More roots on a steep path in between trees

At the end a steel cable gave me something to hold on to when the path got narrow and a precipice on the right was something I didn’t want to explore more. Whereas the signposts until here had a more supporting character they couldn’t resist to joke at the end. One of the final signs said “it can only be hours”.

Text on a rock "Kann sich nur mehr um Stunden handeln"

The view at the end was great.

I have to admit, I took a more boring (means normal) path on my way back. However, I enjoyed the signposts a lot. They gave the whole hike a funny and motivational note. Small twists can make a real difference. Maybe we are sometimes overthinking things to make them special.

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