Visiting R 62 7

Do you know areas that have such a cute and funny name that you like to say it again and again? I went to a spot called “Tatzelwurm”. “Tatze” means “paw” and a “Wurm” is a “worm”. I just like the sound of the word: “Tatzelwurm”, “Tatzelwurm”, …

The name refers to the legend of a special kind of dragon that used to live above the small waterfalls that you can find here. According to the stories it had a significant appetite for pilgrims and virgins. No surprise I couldn’t spot him – I would be more like an old shoe sole for him.

Painting of the Tatzelwurm Dragon

Might be the story is based on the sound of the water. You can hear it but you can’t see the waterfall until you are really close. And if you don’t mind your steps I am sure you will be in trouble (even though it is only a small one).

I like such ancient stories about places. It makes them somehow special.

It was also an interesting stay because the weather went from almost summerlike back to winter in one day. This is how it looked like on the next day…

View towards the hills with clouds nearby
Good morning – almost in the clouds
Forest showing the snow line
Being exactly at the snow line

Did you ever visit places that you liked just because of their names?

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