Visiting R 62 9

I did a longer bike ride from Waging towards Traunstein. Nothing special to look for. Just discover what is on the way.

Random discoveries

For example beautiful flowers.

Red flowers
Red-white flowers
Stones painted like Minions in a front yard

Ok, not exactly flowers, but colorful they are…

I learned that the first part of the city name “Traunstein” comes from the river “Traun”.

Picture of the river Traun
The Traun

I understand that big roads around a city can bring relief of traffic congestion. And bridges can have certain aesthetics. But most of the time they just don’t look nice in the middle of nature.

Couples on bikes

After seeing a good number of couples doing bike rides as well I suddenly noticed a pattern. Most of the time (I would say 8 times out of 10) the man is riding in front and the women is riding behind. Once it caught my attention I couldn’t stop to observe this order. This is too much to be a coincidence and I have no explanation.

The men are faster than the women. Ok, might be but isn’t the whole idea of riding as a couple about doing it together and not having a race?

The men know the way. Yes, sure :-). Let’s say: men might know how to read a map. Might be a point but in today’s world any smartphone will do the job of giving directions. So the joke of women not being able to read a map is kind of outdated as a reason.

Is it an ego thing to demonstrate men are faster even though they are not breaking away?

Do women want men to clear the path for them?

Is it something specific to a culture?

Lots and lots of questions and no answer.

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