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Chill out opportunity

There are a couple of positive things about a vacation (even a short one) in a trailer or a camper van.

Trailer with a tent attached to it

The main advantage for me is that you have your own home without all the work that is waiting for you to be done. Yes, a garden is really nice, but it requires some attention. Having space for the kids in the house is awesome, but it also gives you ample amount of opportunities to have stuff lying around. Something needs to be cleaned, repaired, looked at, washed, whatever. When you look around your apartment or house – there is always some work waiting for you. But in a small trailer or camper van any cleaning will be done in an hour or less. Therefore, you can relax without any guilty conscience. And this is what I did here.

I admit – traveling solo makes a lot of things easier. For example bad weather is not so much of a problem. You just hide in the tent or in the trailer with a good book.

Storm clouds in the sky
It had been very hot during the day. No surprise some weather would be coming.
Trailer tent from the inside with rain on the windows
A tent in front of a trailer allows to store things even in case of rain.
Sitting with the legs up on the seats inside the trailer
When you are traveling solo you have enough space to even put your feet up.

Time for cooking

Usually you do a lot of things during a vacation that you would typically not do when you are at home. But once in a while a time out somewhere can also help you to try things you could very well try at home but you typically don’t take the time. For example, trying out new recipes. Another thing I deliberately did while being in Viechtwang.

Chopped onions and zucchini, tomatoes and bell pepper in the background
Chopping vegetables for Mediterranean vegetable casserole
Cooked vegetables on a plate
Final dish with some olives, cheese and pesto
Flour, chopped olives and walnuts in a bowl
Dough for olive walnut bread rolls
Finished bread roll
Need to work on my food photography skills – but it tasted very good

Great idea with trust

While roaming around the area I discovered a farm house where the family was selling fresh products right out of a refrigerator. You would just take out whatever you wanted and put the money in a box. You would leave a deposit for the glass containers that you could take out of the box again once you bring them back. It was all built on trust.

Content of the fridge
Drinkable yoghurt and normal yoghurt with different flavors, plain yoghurt and (not on the picture) milk

How much I would like to have this at home somewhere. The farmer doesn’t have to share the margin, the products are fresh, no packaging waste.

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