Visiting R 162 32

This post is part of a bigger trip I made through Scandinavia with focus on Norway.

While driving along the Varangerfjord I saw a small village. I stopped to take some pictures because I really enjoyed the scenery. For me it looked like if somebody dropped the houses on their way. Additionally, I am still more used to having the church in the center of a town and not at the side. Also, I consciously perceive for the first time the lack of any trees and bushes. A very different appearance.

Several colored houses scattered around, brouwn-greenish emtpy landscape, mostly flat

However, I stayed outside of the town and just enjoyed the unusual view.

When I later retraced my journey I found out that this was a special town. Skallelv is one of the very few villages in that area that wasn’t burned to the ground during World War II (something I first heard about when visiting the museum in Kirkenes the day before). This means some of those houses go back as far as 1860 (similar as Nesseby church).

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