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This post is part of a bigger trip I made through Scandinavia with focus on Norway.

When going to Norway I was so much looking forward to see reindeer. I was aware that they are also on the streets and that is why one would need to drive careful, especially at night. However, I was not aware that there would be another type of animal all around and also on the streets – sheep.

First of all they also like the beach and the sea. Let me summarize my learnings again: swans, cows, reindeer, and sheep like the coast.

5 white sheep on the lieft side, 3 on the right side, all of them on the sandy beach, ocean in the background

At this point it seems to be fair to think basically any animal likes the coast and whatever idea I had of animals not liking salty water – I should get rid of that now and forever.

One lamb standing on a stony beach next to the water, eating algea

They show up basically everywhere: in towns as well as outside, next to the street and even relaxing on the street!

3 white sheep, 2 of them lying right next to the street on the right side, one of them lying on the street

According to the information from visitnorway there are around two million sheep in Norway and they can roam around wherever they want.

At some point I realized that I had another misconception around sheep: I always thought they naturally live in flocks. This is the way I have seen sheep so far. However, it seems like was only because we put them in such groups. If left alone the females form small groups together with their offspring. Very often I saw just one adult plus two lambs.

3 sheep seen from the back, adult sheep in the middle, one lamb to each side, walking down the street, 2 gray wooden houses to the left; the picture is slightly blurred

Some travel tips (from 2021)

Be careful when driving! When going along the Scenic Route Varanger I had more sheep on the street than reindeer.

Lamb running on the street (picture taken out of my car, so it would be directly in front of the car)
View from the car

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