Visiting R 67 1

After taking a look into the mining of salt this time I wanted to know more about the mining of iron ore. Welcome to “Tiefer Stollen” (“deep gallery”) next to Aalen. From 1608 to 1939, iron ore was mined here. The underground labyrinth kept growing during this time up to a length of six kilometers.

The mine

A visit starts with taking a small mine railway. Everybody needed to wear a helmet and due to Covid-19 also a mask. Because the temperature is constantly at 11°C (52°F) a jacket is needed. As it was around 35°C (95°F) outside this was a very nice change. If you plan to travel and it is very hot do not only look for museums but think about going underground.

Selfie with helmet, mask and jacket while being on the mine train

They give a good tour on the different mining methods over time. Additionally they explain the lifecycle of iron and what it meant for the region.

Pile of gravel in the front, black and white picture of men with pickaxes in the back

Maria Montessori described in her educational concept the periods of special sensitivity in which children are very open for new information. The challenge is to offer the right material to kids at the right time to support those sensitive periods and the accelerated learning. Is that really only true for kids? I am pretty sure I heard a lot about mining before but this was the time when I had my sensitive period and I wanted to learn more. For me it is never too late to be interested in something.

Special uses

One would think that a mine is a mine and that’s it. And that today it is just there to explain some concepts. However, there is more to it.

You can actually have your wedding down there. Sounds a little crazy but they told us that this even happens frequently. Looking for an idea for a special wedding location? Here you go.

Man closing a curtain between a part of the mine in the background and the tunnel in the foreground
Preparation for a wedding is going on, a curtain will separate the event in the room in the background from the visitors

The mine is also used as a healing cave. People with respiratory problems can get treatments down here. The humidity is constantly at 98%. The air is particularly clean, as the pores in the rock act like a filter and any suspended matter gets coated and falls to the ground.

The book

There were several entrances into the different tunnels of the mine. There is just one open for the public. But when you walk around you will see others that are closed.

Small gate entrance closed with a fence, small walls to both sides, all covered with greenary
Another entrance into the mine

If you look carefully at the above picture you will see that there is a book lying on the right wall.

Book with a German title indicating post-capitalism, already quite battered due to rain, etc.

Now, why would somebody leave a book about post-capitalism next to an abandoned entry of a mine in the middle of nowhere? I will leave you with this question.

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