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When water constantly changes your city

The historic center of Wasserburg am Inn is a peninsula formed by the meandering Inn River. Until the beginning of the 20th century this meant that one side of the island was constantly taken by the water and on the other side new land emerged.

A 3D model of the city showing the different buildings and the river
As the buildings indicate the lower-left part (north/east) of the city gradually emerged over time
Old stele with text on it
Not even close to the river today this stele says: In 1812 the river bed of the inn was still here and the gardens at this position were protected against the river.

Many Medieval structures remain intact, which makes it a nice city to visit. It is like jumping back in time.

Symmetry with skeletons

As described in the travel report from Walldürn churches might have a program that includes symmetric layouts of side altars. Here I found it again, in the Frauenkirche.

Interiror of the church with altars
Didn’t take a better picture so the altar on the left is partially hidden by the pulpit. But you can still see that both altars are made from the same reddish material, have the same decorations (e.g. the golden star at the front), have a similar style (e.g. a putto at the top) but are different in the details.

It becomes a little “interesting” when similarities involve skeletons. At least this is what I think I saw at a different church, St. Jakob. I couldn’t get closer due to a gate that prevents visitors from entering the main room. Also I couldn’t find more information about them on the internet. So I only have the pictures and a slightly creepy feeling.

Skeleton lyining with some decoration behind glas below an altar
Skeleton lyining with some decoration behind glas below an altar

Sleeping habits

Let’s talk about a different type of pairing and lying around – beds. I visited the local city museum. They display different old furniture including bedrooms. Looking at the beds I started thinking about sleeping culture and my impression that marriage beds as a single bed for two people were standard in the western culture for a long time now. Instead I saw beds from ~1850 that were definitely not double beds.

2 single beds and 2 closets made of dark wood with paintings and ornaments
Dowry from 1846

When did we start to have double beds and consider it strange if couples don’t use one?

Evening walk

Bad decisions made with good intentions, are still bad decisions.

James C. Collins

I thought it would be good to take a walk on the other side of the river along a hiking path so that I can have a good view onto the city and take some pictures. Yeah, great idea. The picture below shows the only spot where I could actually see the city. Throughout the remaining 3 km I could only see trees and bushes. And furthermore I underestimated the distance (again, just like here and here) and ended up walking around 5 km in the dark to finish the hike. The light on a cell phone is a great invention!

View across the city at sunset
Wasserburg in the evening

Ok, here and now I swear the next time I start walking in the evening I will very carefully check the length of the path upfront.

Some inspiration at the end

This sign in a shop-window says: “What would you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail?

Maybe continue to just go hiking in the evening no matter what…?

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